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 Post subject: SilviaNSW Forum Rules
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:57 pm 
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Silvia Club of NSW - Forum Rules and Guidelines

Please read these rules carefully before posting on our forum as you will be held to them by our Moderators and Administrators, there are no exceptions to these rules.

1. No advertising. No posting get rich quick schemes, paid to surf ads etc., link exchanges, webrings, offers to host people, begging people to vote for your site in the latest contest, advertising for moderators/administrators for your forum. All posts considered to be advertising will be removed, and repeat offenders (more than once) will be banned permanently from posting on this forum.

Private (personal) advertising in the "For Sale or Trade" forum is allowed, but no corporate or company advertising is allowed, unless that company/organisation is a sponsor of Silvia NSW. Recommendations are acceptable but will be classified advertising if deemed so by the forum Administrator and Moderators. Group buys are permitted but may be removed if they are against any of Silvia NSW's rules or regulations. Linking or promoting other forums, companies or sites in your forum signatures, if deemed as advertising can be removed by forum Moderator or Administrator without notice.

2. No linking to inappropriate Web sites. This board is intended for all ages, but please keep the board clean at all times. If a Moderator or Administrator decides that your site is inappropriate, please do not argue with them. Inappropriate posts/links will be removed.

3. Any type of "SPAM"; is not tolerated and will be removed. In extreme cases the URL that has been spammed and the member(s) will be banned without warning.

4. Please do not suggest warez sites, money making free signup programs, ad killers, adult sites, anything illegal. Those people who do suggest those sites will be banned permanently from posting.

5. Any rudeness to a Moderator or Administrator will result in the member being banned permanently. Impersonating a Moderator or Administrator will also get you banned. Rudeness to other forum members will not be tolerated either.

6. Personal titles can only be adjusted by Moderators and the Administrators. Please do not ask for a special title.

7. Please keep signatures to a maximum of 2 to 4 lines, small images are allowed.

8. reserves the right to remove any posts/threads without warning, this includes the de-activating or banning of a forum account without warning by any of the Moderators and Administrators.

9. Censored words: Some words on this forum may be censored, these words will be replaced with (*) symbols. At the moment we haven't had to implement this feature as we believe that it is not necessary, as long as words are used in the correct context, if you feel a word should be added to this list please email us with your request (to

10. Please no posting of personal information. This includes where you live, pictures of yourself, etc. This also includes posting information about other people, please refer to everyone by their nickname unless otherwise requested by that member. We also suggest that for you own safety and privacy and that of others that you do not post any number plates on this site.

11. Images in signatures and posts are allowed, but must be no larger than 800x600 for a post and 150x80 for a signature. Remember larger files make the forum harder to browse by Dial-Up (56K) users. It is recommended that you post link to the images, this makes it easier for everyone. The SilviaNSW upload section was created for this reason, you can host any Silvia/SilviaNSW related images here: (Please keep sizes down and do not abuse this free image hosting).

12. Harassment or verbal bashing based on sexual orientation, gender, race, colour, religious views, or simply because their opinion differs from your own are not allowed within the message forums. You are free to express your opinions here within the message board. We simply ask that you address the issues, and not verbally bash people based on who/what they are or what their opinion might be. You may not post a message that is intended to embarrass, humiliate or harass another person or group of people.

13. If a URL or a name of a website telling members where they can find warez, pr0n, mp3z etc. is posted, it will result in that members account being banned permanently. Same rules apply for asking to PM the links to a member(s). (See rule #4)

14. Please do not ask to be a moderator. Please do not ask if your friend can be a moderator. Moderators are appointed by the Administrators.

15. You may save information from this website for personal use and reference ONLY. No information from this website is to be used in other website for any reason (without permission). Doing so would call for legal action as it is a breach of copyright.

16. This forum is supplied "as is", we make no guarantee that your posts will remain on the forum (See Rule #8). SilviaNSW takes no responsibility for posts made by its members, please take care when acting upon technical information found on this site as their are no guarantees that damage will not be sustained to your vehicle.

17. Pointless posts will result in the member being banned until further notice. This includes posts created simple to increase your post count, this is considered "SPAM". (See Rule #3).

18. If you wish to have your account removed from forums, please write (via email to to us stating your name, registered email address, password and a reason why your account should be removed. We take these steps to make sure the account is verified as yours before removing.

19. No abusive 'bashing' of Police or other Government Officials. We like to think that for the most part we have a good relationship with N.S.W. Police, and we do not want to gain a reputation as trouble makers due to immature online slander. This could lead to permanent monitoring of the forums and tarnish our reputation as a law abiding club. Our 'Bitching' forum is NOT a place to bad mouth Police because you broke the law in some way.

20. Do not discuss any illegal activities you or a friend has participated in. No stories about your recent industrial area drift night, high speed freeway runs etc, similarly to the above rule this tarnishes the clubs' reputation and gives us a bad name.

21. All threads must be appropriately titled. Do NOT title a thread as "LOOK HERE" or use symbols such as ">", "*" etc. without text. Do not use symbols or any other type of gimmick to attract readers, this will be edited by a Moderator or Administrator and if it continues to happen, threads will be locked and you may be banned.

22. Please try to type in a coherent manner. We don't expect every post you make to be 100% correct but "SMS" chat-style grammar is not acceptable. Do not type in upper case! (CAPS LOCK). Continued negligence of this rule will see you receive a warning and possibly being banned.

23. You are NOT permitted to have more than one account on the SilviaNSW forums, if you wish to have your username changed please contact a Moderator or Administrator. If you are found to be using more than one account (be it legitimately used or to abuse or confuse other members) you will receive a warning and face the possibility of being banned.

24. In order to post a new topic in either the "Cars For Sale" and "For Sale or Trade" you must be a contributing member of the SilviaNSW community to sell items in these sections, thus any posts can be removed without warning by SilviaNSW Moderators and/or Administrators without warning or notice. To post in the "Cars For Sale" section you must also have a minimum post count of 50, this is a means of automatic protection enabled on the forums (Spaming or posting rubbish to increase your post count in order to access this section will result in an instant ban without warning or notice).

25. Posts in the for sale section(s) should be clearly labeled "WTB" for Wanted To Buy items or "FS" for items For Sale, this makes life easier for the members viewing these posts. SilviaNSW reserves the rights to remove any posts should they not be labeled correctly.

26. Once your item has been sold please update your original post and append "SOLD" to the end of the post and the subject, that way people browsing the forums can easily determine what is still available while still retaining your thread for archive purposes (i.e. so people can see how much items are worth etc).

27. You must specify a price for all For Sale posts, we will not tolerate people whingeing/bitching about the price, your welcomed to comment but please do so in an appropriate manner.

28. SilviaNSW regularly clears out inactive accounts on the forum for the purposes of cleaning up the forum database, if your account is in-active or has a zero post count after 6 months of joining SilviaNSW then it will be automatically removed from the system, if this is the case for your account you will need to sign up again to access the forums.

29. The SilviaNSW website and forums are designed for Silvia enthusiasts and general Nissan sports car enthusiasts alike, others are always welcome but we maybe be forced to remove posts if they are deemed to be anti-SilviaNSW or have no real place on SilviaNSW.

30. If contacted by a Moderator or Administrator in regards to providing further details, proof of ownership or other such documents for an item(s) list in the For Sale or Trade forums you must respond to them in a timely fashion. Failure to do so, or failure to produce adequate information/reasoning will result in an instant deletion of your thread and possible warning issued or banning of your account.

31. Member Warning - In order to keep track of offenders (and to make sure they are widely known) we have implemented a 3 stage "Warning Level" system. You can be warned 2 times and on your third offence your account is automatically banned. Each members "Warning Level" is indicated with their details on every post, warnings can be issued or removed by any Moderator and Administrator as they see fit.

32. Report Post - This forum feature is intended to allow members of the SilviaNSW forums to advise Moderators and Administrators of posts that are suspected or known to be in breach of any of the rules mentioned on this page, this allows you to help keep SilviaNSW a great on-line community. Once reported your information/report will be made available for all Moderator and Administrator to view and follow up upon.

If you don't agree with the above rules then please do not post on forums.

If you have any problems with these rules and guidelines, email us (to [b][/b]

SilviaNSW reserve the right to change or add rules at any time, without notice to anyone.

The rules are here to help keep the forum a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, so have fun!!

Please read our Legal Notice / Disclaimer for any legal information about our club, the site, the forums and the cruises/events we organise.

Co-Founder, President & Webmaster -
Why drive when you can drift?

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