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S14 struggles to move
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Author:  FuknPknBro [ Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  S14 struggles to move

Hey All,

so been having dilemmas the last week and i thought i'll get some ideas of what could be happening.

last week when i started the car in the morning the revs just jumped to 1.5k rpm down to 500rpm and it keeps jumping violently around 500-1k rpm, i drove it to work and it was popping/misfiring and bopping/chocking when i accelerate, so first thing i thought was coil packs and i've had cat issues awhile back so they both came into mind, the weirdest experience was when i accelerated and the car doesnt move, the revs always seems to struggle to move after 2k rpm and its not until i down gear that it blows a cloud of black smoke and then it starts to move again, after that i accelerated nice and slow to get to and back from work, when i got home i had a look and found

- oem coil pack was cracked so i replaced them with splitfires
- cat was clogged - replaced it with an xforce cat.
- spark plugs were very black - replaced them as well
- been driving with boost setting (off) 8psi (apexi pfc)

the popping from the cracked coil packs gone and the smoothness of the rev range when i accelerate is back.

thought i didnt have any issues after that but when i changed the setting to (A or B about 12psi-15psi) the car again struggles to move when i accelerate and occurs only around the rev range of 2k rpm to 3k rpm, its feels like its chocked, pops like misfiring and blows alot of smoke during this time, everytime this occurs you can smell this electrical wire/plastic burn smell? not that rich smell every time it clogs and struggles to move.

with the boost off (8psi) the car seems to not have that problem (been driving for 1 day and as far as i know it drives fine with boost setting on off) and drives like there is nothing wrong with the car...

this problem seems to occur always when i turn the boost setting to either A or B 12psi-15psi.

i have not tested it enough to say when it doesnt or when it does.
because it happens in the morning and even if i just turned off the car for a few hours it happens and sometimes it doesnt occur and drives fine.

Im quite stumped with whats happening and want to know if this has happened to anyone before? the explanation is all over the place so you guys must excuse me for that.

Cheers guys.


Author:  DumHed [ Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:41 am ]
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sounds like an air leak.

Could be a split silicon join in the intercooler piping, or a leaking BOV if it's an atmo vented one.

Author:  FuknPknBro [ Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:17 am ]
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hey DH!

thanks for the reply!

the last 3 days driving with the boost off, not once did the idle at start up jump up and down spontaneously nor when idling at traffic lights has it occured. its really stable now... the car also seems to drive without an issue for these 3 days while just accelerating to 5-6k rpm. i have not turned the AVCR to setting A yet but i'll see if it can drive with the boost at 12psi+ without it 'choking' at 2k rpm in the next few days

i will go through all my IC pipings tomorrow morning, my bov is plumbed back to the intake pipe connected to a Z32 AFM, but it is a HKS SSQV bov and has been picked up in the past by unigroup as abit 'leaky' but fixed before tune was complete.

booking has been made for unigroup to run through it on their system, i sure hope its just something 'stupid'

either way i'll post up my findings.

thanks DH.

Author:  FuknPknBro [ Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:43 pm ]
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received the car back from the tuner:

- AFM wires were coming off loose when i go on speed bumps and it was losing ground, caused the car to run too rich hence now my new cat isnt so new anymore...
- inside of the bov i think a plastic filter? was split in 2 so it was causing air leak. a silicon was used to replace it so no more leak.
- found a problem with the egr and disconnected/removed it rather then replacing it.

bad luck just keeps coming my way.

at the moment the car is tuned to run abit more lean, less power until i get a new cat fitted on and back to the tuner.

atleast thats sorted. idles perfectly. :D

Author:  Tiop [ Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:02 pm ]
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is it worse when the car is fully warmed up ?

edit: oh i see sorted out

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